The Phillipsburg Area Historical Society has over 40 members which include: General membership, Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. Although diverse in occupations and lifestyles, we all have the common desire to explore, understand and preserve history—especially in the Phillipsburg area.

Our members participate in varying degrees—depending upon work schedules, family situations, other commitments and interests. Any degree of participation is accepted, and all are welcome to attend our meetings; non-members included.

Fill out our Membership Form here and email it to


There are no fundraising projects at this time. Future fundraising events will be duly announced to the membership via email and on this site.


As a nonprofit, all volunteer organization, PAHS exists and operates by the generosity of its members and outside donations, both public and private.

Donors can specify any category below:

PAHS General Fund

Insurance, Electric, Heat, Water, Website, Literature, Stationary, etc.

Roseberry House Restoration Fund

Most grant funders require a percentage to be matched by the applicant. Donating to this category helps us meet those requirements.

Roseberry House Maintenance Fund

From time to time something on the house needs to be repaired, repainted or replaced. Most often, time is of the essence and soliciting donations for these small, but not insignificant projects is just not possible. This fund allows us to take care of these issues in a timely manner.

Programming Fund

This category specifically directs funds to educational events such as historical lectures, re-enactors, hearth cooking and demonstrations. Musical, Poetic, Theatrical events and artifact display (all historic in nature) are funded in this category as well.

Soldiers and Sailors Monument Fund

PAHS maintains a separate account for the preservation of the Soldiers and Sailors monument in Shappell Park in downtown Phillipsburg. The monument is currently in need of specialized cleaning and sealing as well as repair to the surrounding fence. At present we are about 20% there in funding.

Wish List

These are items that will help us take care of the Roseberry House and the Society as a whole. In short-they will make our lives a lot easier. The list will change as needs do. We will update soon. Please contact the Society’s Vice President before you donate from the wish list. Right now, we need:

Snow shovel (Back Saver)

Ice Melt (Calcium Chloride or similar) in a re-sealable bucket

Utility Flashlight (Battery only, non-rechargeable)

Potable Water Hose (Commonly called camper’s hose. About 10’ with stainless ends)

Banker File Boxes-Letter/legal size – basic duty for file storage. We could use at least 10 or 12 for now.

Coal Bucket with Stand (for the kitchen fireplace)

All monetary donations are, of course, appreciated. Because of our current space constrictions, we must treat all artifacts, documents, etc. donations with calculated selectivity in order to give them the attention they deserve. If we don’t accept your donation, it’s not because we are ungrateful, rather, we are currently unable to properly care for them. If we cannot accept them, we will do everything in our power to assist you in finding an appropriate location for your item(s).